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NSW Department of Education

Treacle Consulting developed our change strategy to support the enterprise business intelligence program. The roll out has been a success, largely due to the way we managed the change effort. Treacle are great at understanding the business, and come with a great ability to tailor their knowledge of change to meet our particular context. We have since worked with Treacle a number of times to update our change plans. I highly recommend Treacle.
Director, Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation, NSW Department of Education

The NSW Department of Education was embarking on an ambitious program to provide easy access to data via a Business Intelligence s(BI) ystem. The scale was enormous (100,000 staff), the complexity high (2200 schools across NSW), with varying data capability, along with a discretionary tool (BI was not mandated to use).

We designed change strategies that reflected leading thinking in Positive Psychology

Over a period of 10 weeks we had conducted board analysis of needs and preferences, defined evidence/measures of success and outlined 4 detailed and pragmatic strategies (Change, Communications, Training, Support) that were ready for immediate implementation to a first tranche of 6000 individuals. Positive experience, resilience and supporting increasing levels of sophistication were core to the strategies. The change experience needed to be meaningful and highly reflective of individual needs, which were always oriented towards student/learning outcomes.

Three years later the Treacle Consulting team was invited back to expand and revisit the change strategies for ramp up in both speed and scale. The aim was to now expand the rollout to the remaining approximately 90,000 individuals in an 18-month timeframe, whilst continuing to build sophistication in usage by those already using the BI system.

The outcome

By changing approaches, we set a standard for excellence with a high success rate. Although a purely discretionary program, nearly all leaders and principals opted in, noting the effectiveness of the system itself and the way the strategies were executed.

Breaking away from the way change had previously been deployed a bespoke maturity framework was built to show the progression for principals and directors in using BI. This formed both self-assessment as well as a vehicle to determine effectiveness of change interventions.