Treacle Consulting


Research and experience show that team effectiveness doesn’t just happen. Strong teams are built around shared goals, values and ways of working to get the best from everyone. Each team member needs to feel connected, valued, inspired and engaged.

We help you unlock the power of the team.


Working with Teams

Team Coaching

Coaching as a team will boost your team performance immediately by allowing your team to focus specifically on the areas that could be holding them back. Our experienced coaches help teams work together to align goals, strengthen connections, unblock any roadblocks and set up for success. 

Executive Team Facilitation

We use active facilitation and co-design techniques to help leadership teams align and agree on key deliverables that need shared insight and commitment. This provides a pathway to effective team working, joint ownership and generation of success. Such deliverables are strategies, plans, shared KPIs and charters.

Building Powerful Teams

Our tailored program will inspire and equip teams to maximise effectiveness and achieve their goals, delivered with an engaging and fun approach. The program builds trust, collaboration and engagement, and provides practical tools and techniques for the team to use on an ongoing basis.