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Resilience & Wellbeing

Research has shown that sustained competitive advantage comes from having positive energy in every employee. Resilience underpins employee wellbeing, engagement and high performance. Our interactive and inspiring programs will give you and your teams the knowledge and practical skills to build resilience and self confidence in the workplace. We shape our approach to the needs and priorities of your organisation and incorporate latest research and the global leading work of UK wellbeing experts, Robertson Cooper.

Resilience and Wellbeing Program

Our results-focused program will provide an understanding of the signs of stress and pressure as well as the drivers for resilience. It will equip you with tools and techniques to explore and experiment; allowing you to choose resilience building that works for you. This enables you to continue to self manage and ‘top up’ your resilience on an ongoing basis. This program is tailored to your specific needs and typically involves interactive workshops, self-assessment, training and/or coaching. For an organisation that shows symptoms of stress (e.g. high turnover), a diagnostic stage may be recommended. This will enable us to work more fully with you to understand the causes of strain and target where to make a difference. Trusted by: QLD Police Logo The Queensland Police Service partnered with Treacle Consulting to work with an entire region on building ‘Healthy Workplaces’. The resilience and wellbeing program resulted in saving millions of dollars, with a halving of workers’ compensation claims for stress, as well as significantly increasing job satisfaction.

Resilience boost

A bite-sized training workshop that will give your team the opportunity to learn and reflect about their own resilience and emerge with techniques to continue outside the session. Trusted by: Reserve Bank of Australia partners with Treacle Consulting to provide a series of action based workshops on building personal resilience.