Treacle Consulting


Leaders need to bring together complex dynamics and situations. To do this effectively, they need both personal resilience and positive impact, so as to drive performance. We offer a range of coaching and leadership programs to suit your needs.


If you want to excel in business or prepare for the next step in your career, one-on-one coaching is an efficient and targeted way to help you get there. From new manager to CEOs and those in succession for CEO roles in ASX50.

At Treacle Consulting, our focus is on bringing out the best in each individual. Our experience has shown that for senior leaders, some of the biggest barriers to success are about the person themselves (blindspots), their style or people issues with which they are dealing. Sometimes as little as three to six coaching sessions can be enough to untie and release barriers.

Treacle Consulting has extensive experience in working with leaders and executives as they prepare to take on their next challenge. Having a trusted coach is often the key to confidently making the first step and ultimately securing the desired success.

Leadership programs

Leadership for Results

Our innovative and interactive program uses a rigorous 5 part approach and is proven to deliver measurable results. Randal Tame collaborates with Treacle Consulting to deliver this award-winning program.

Leaders will emerge with the skills, knowledge and confidence to lead in ways that will increase performance, teamwork and wellbeing.

Leadership Influence and Impact

Strong leaders have influence and impact within their team but also across their organisation and beyond. This training will advance your leadership skills and performance, covering topics including:

  • Positive impact on team performance
  • Communicate persuasively
  • Team engagement
  • Influence peers and upwards
  • Build emotional intelligence
  • Build effective connections
  • Enhance manager as coach skills


Change Leadership

Our experience has shown us that leaders are crucial in igniting and also sustaining significant organisational change. We have supported Change Leaders for over 20 years.

Being a change leader requires a different lens on the business, people and possibility. Our Change Leader Program will upskill and support an individual leader or a suite of leaders for their role in championing and navigating change. Programs include coaching, action-learning workshops and on-the-job support.

Topics covered include:

  • Foundations for change success
  • Change tools and techniques
  • Motivation and dealing with resistance
  • Lead and lag measures of success
  • Incorporating design thinking approaches to shape and embed change


Future Leaders

A development program for the next generation of leaders, focused on developing skills, mindsets and behaviours for taking a step up in leadership.

This interactive course will provide tools, techniques and an action plan for anyone looking to be promoted or just having been promoted. This program helps future leaders to move on from ‘feeling like an imposter’ to ‘thriving as a key member’ of the leadership team. Confidence, resilience and impact are the cornerstones for this program.