Treacle Consulting

Coach, Facilitate, Lead

Coaching changes organisational DNA, through deep focus on behaviours, actions, thinking and impacts on others.
The shortest route to behaviour and mindset shift is with custom, targeted coaching as part of an overall leadership program.

Leaders need to bring together complex dynamics and situations with personal resilience and positive impact. It is the ability to do this effectively that drives high performance.

Whether as one-to-one executive coaching or leadership team facilitation, leaders are able to reflect on impact, align with purpose and alter behaviours to achieve desired results. We use rigorous, scientifically validated assessment tools and techniques, as well as highly experienced executive coaches to transform limiting behaviours.
Add that to increasing capability and leaders are in a position to achieve higher performance both in themselves and through their teams.

You may need this when:

  • Seeking the next level of performance and engagement
  • During organisational transformation
  • Dealing with issues or barriers
  • Preparing or transiting to a new promotion
  • Building a positive leadership style and personal resilience
  • Harnessing your team’s energies more efficiently
  • Increasing their influence inside and outside the organisation

What outcomes can you expect?

  • Positive relationships between peers and teams
  • Resolution of personal blocks to success
  • Improved communication and interaction at all levels of business
  • Proficiency in influence, presentation, organisation, and delegation
  • Improved confidence and resilience
  • Tangible results, such as up to 20% increase in job satisfaction, reduction in anxiety and increased wellbeing.


Team Coaching

We also offer team coaching which focuses on uncovering team values and behaviours and transforming them into effective actions.

Team coaching involves:

  • Re-establishing clarity of purpose
  • Instilling creative processes
  • Instilling team values and behaviours for success
  • Breaking down communication barriers
  • Assessing the impact of current patterns of behaviour and communication
  • Creating processes for team success, such as effective meetings and feedback
  • Implementing measures and indicators of successful progress
  • Introducing a system of reward and support for team members
  • Discovering practical ways to deal with internal pressures and personalities.


Leadership Programs

We tailor executive leadership programs to an organisation’s needs by assessing strengths and risks, providing individual and team coaching, and by facilitating workshops. The programs succeed because they are flexible and strategic and align with the goals and vision of the organisation. The aim is to implement a long-term strategy for your organisation based on top business priorities.

Programs can also incorporate peer coaching (where two high-potential leaders are partnered to coach each other in a structured manner), or peer mentoring (where a peer mentor is a knowledgeable guide who shares their experience with the mentee).

By distilling the latest research, we can guide your leaders to do the following on a daily basis:

  • Inspire an innate sense of purpose within their team
  • Create an engaged team
  • Build emotional intelligence
  • Develop vision, values and strategy
  • Have a positive impact on team performance
  • Work effectively with peers and influence upwards
  • Perform without boundaries in actions and thoughts
  • Connect to those they are leading
  • Practice manager-as-coach skills
  • Mentor others in the workplace
  • Manage stress and build personal resilience.



We select assessment tools based on each leader and organisation’s specific needs. We are accredited in a range of quality and robust psychometrics so that you can be assured that they will provide optimum value. As an example, we are accredited in:

Robertson Cooper assessments (Team Dialogue, i-resilience, Leadership Impact, ASSET)
Strengths Profile (CAPP)
Hogan assessments (HPI, HDS, MVPI)
MRG assessments (LEA, LEA 360)
MTQ48 (Mental Toughness Questionnaire)
SHL assessments (OPQ, Aptitude)
Mayer-Salovey-Caruso EI test (MSCEIT)