Treacle Consulting

Change Strategy

Harnessing effort to design and deliver lasting change requires insight, experience and a constant focus on people in the business.

Starting with the end in mind offers clarity, vision and a definition of what success means for the organisational change. Working from the earliest stages to provide analysis and insights to shape a pragmatic change strategy. If needed, we will then work side-by-side with you and your team to deliver change, right through to post implementation benefits realisation.

We support you and your teams so that you have Change Confidence. Confidence comes from knowing that you can visualise the end, lead every individual and team along the journey, and construct change interventions that inspire whilst remaining pragmatic.

You may need this when:

  • Embarking on a new organisational change or transformation
  • Setting up strong change management foundations, for your internal teams to execute
  • Providing expert capability to change teams
  • Incorporating change management effectively within an Agile framework
  • Running health/readiness checks to ensure on track to deliver benefits

What outcomes can you expect?

  • Strategic analyses of impacts, stakeholders, barriers, strengths
  • Pragmatic change strategy and engagement strategy
  • Clear articulation of Change Vision, down to behavioural level
  • Well managed change, with foresight, tracking and measures
  • Transferred change approaches, tools, techniques for future use

Change Leader Program

Our experience has shown us that leaders are crucial in igniting and also sustaining change. We have supported Change Leaders for over 20 years. It is not simple to move from being a BAU leader to a change leader. It requires a different lens on the business, people and possibility.

We will work with you to construct a program to upskill and support an individual leader or a suite of leaders for their role in championing change. Programs include coaching, action-learning workshops and on-the-job support.

Topics covered include:

  • Equipping in change tools and techniques
  • Understanding motivation and resistance
  • Understanding natural responses to change
  • Leading with impact and influence
  • Incorporating a coaching style
  • Identifying lead and lag measures of success
  • Using design thinking approaches for change engagement

Human Centric Design

We have found that the most insightful ways to bring about change, in an impactful and lasting way, are with the inclusion of both human-centred design approaches (codesign) and psychological principles.

We will bring customers or key stakeholders into the room to codesign approaches, plans and solutions from the outset.  We use a variety of techniques to involve and jointly design solutions that truly work.

When scale is required to build human centric design capability within an organisation, we partner with Dr Munib Karavdic and Wave Design.