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Simply put, Treacle Consulting will help you change​

Combining insight and experience, we will help you adapt to a larger future, meet fresh management goals, incorporate new leadership styles, incorporate new technology, and cope with the realities of staying competitive.

Focused on strategy, coaching and the delivery of change, Treacle Consulting will provide unique insight to what makes change successful. And bring that success to you.

How? It’s simple.

From an initial meeting, we will focus on the whys and the whats of the needs and aspirations for yourself and/or your company. Blockages and strengths are looked at in equal measure. We then customise our work, whether it be a one-to-one leadership program, a leadership off-site or preparing a roadmap to shift your entire organisation to new ways of working and the embedding of transformational change.

Coach, Facilitate, Lead symbol

Coach, Facilitate, Lead

“Changing the behavioural DNA of an organisation, one leader or leadership team at a time”

When is this needed?

When leaders want to move to the next level of performance and impact, when preparing for a new promotion, championing organisational transformation, or striving for more potential.

What we can do:

We leverage individual and team strengths and identify problem areas success, coach executives in ways to focus on behaviours, actions, thinking and impacts on others. We coach individual leaders and facilitate change in teams.

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Change Strategy

“Change Strategy and approaches have lingering ripple effects on time, budget and overall success.”

When is this needed?

If you are embarking on/adjusting an organisational change or transformation, setting new foundations for your teams to execute, or uplifting capability of existing change teams.

What we can do:

Before you implement change, we can pave the way for guidance with approaches and a smoother transition by putting plans in place to cope with change and following through to make sure those changes stick.

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Resilient Culture

“Thriving and adapting well to workplace demands, change and stressors”

When is this needed?

When your workforce – from executives to frontline staff – is facing growing challenge brought on by organisational transformation, efficiency and high-performance drives, or external scrutiny.

What we can do:

As the new challenges impact, we can help embed new approaches, adaptability and resilience. This can be incorporated as part of a holistic team/division program, or as an individual resilience workshop.