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Strong leadership is the foundation for organisational success. We offer coaching, facilitation and training for leaders, focusing on building the behaviours, actions and mindsets for impact, influence and performance.


Unlocking the power of the team is a key factor in high performing organisations.
We help to build powerful teams, creating clarity of purpose, processes and ways of working together to get the best from the team and all its members.

Change Approach

Designing and delivering change requires innovative thinking and workable approaches. We set you up for change success, working with you to co-design your change strategy and equipping you with capability, processes and products to deliver change.

Resilience & Wellbeing

Keeping pressure positive is key for your team being effective with workplace demands. We equip individuals and teams with the knowledge, techniques and tools to help them deliver optimally everyday, creating high performance cultures and positive workplaces.​


We are accredited in a range of selected assessment tools to assess, measure and track. We believe in selecting the right tool to achieve your objectives, and use robust psychometric assessments so that you have confidence in the results.

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When Treacle can help

Are old ‘ways of working’ blocking success?

To achieve breakthrough results means a break from old patterns. But how can you change a culture built around an established system? We can show you. Learn more

Are leaders demanding more of self and others?

To keep your business improving, things change. If your leaders want to challenge themselves, or bring their team towards a new vision, we can help. Learn more

Is your workforce feeling the strain?

Change that brings more strain. Absenteeism, staff turnover rates or other key indicators could point to a workforce on the edge of crisis, we can build a more resilient culture. Learn more

You’re in good hands

Treacle Consulting delivers change that sticks. Focusing on pragmatic change strategies, change leadership, behaviours and culture, we embed change and uplift capability for the future.  All of our teams have senior change experts, on-the-ground, delivering lasting performance.

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‘Everything changes and nothings stands still’ –Heraclitus

‘Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny’ – Mahatma Gandhi

Featured successes

Leaders, Teams, or Enterprise Wide…

Treacle Consulting can help you


The change in management style and thought processes of my District Officers has been remarkable. They have embraced the changes with enthusiasm, which in turn has seen resurgence of energy throughout the collective working environment of the Region.

Queensland Police Service
Assistant Commissioner Southern Region

The Engagement Score rose for three consecutive years, employee attrition declined and discretionary effort rose, the work paid for itself financially and in terms of happy motivated staff many times over.

Chief Financial Officer

An invaluable sounding board (which) has greatly assisted me in developing and executing strategies to further the goals of my own department and my personal capabilities as an executive.

Sydney Airport Corporation
Chief Financial Officer
The best thing that has ever happened in my career. It was a breakthrough in applying the thinking that I knew, as well as new approaches to myself.
Australian Institute of Company Directors
Senior Manager

Your course was wonderful and has made an enormous difference to me. Thank you so very much for turning on the light.

NSW WorkCover
Principal Solicitor

The work provided by Lyndal and her team led to what was described by the Regional MD as a ‘lightning’ shift in the presence, influence and outcomes presented by the Delivery Executives. The combination of workshops and on-the-ground coaching of teams resulted in the teams identifying $52m of benefit for $7m of cost.

Regional Director

Treacle Consulting developed our change strategy to support the enterprise business intelligence program. The roll out has been a success, largely due to the way we managed the change effort. Treacle are great at understanding the business, and come with a great ability to tailor their knowledge of change to meet our particular context.

NSW Department of Education

About Treacle

From government departments and exchange-listed companies to merging, growing or even struggling concerns, Treacle Consulting has developed unique solutions to help businesses flourish in an an ever-changing world.

We can analyse your work practices, structures and people to identify what needs to be done, coach leaders to face new challenges and make sure they are resilient enough for the future and help make the changes you want.

At Treacle Consulting, we make Change That Sticks.

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